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Introducing The Carolina Ramble Revue 

Hello Possum folk,
Everything is blooming in North Cackalacky and summer is here!! We hope you’re taking your allergy meds, blowing your nose and having a fabulous June wherever you are (sniffle, sniffle…).

Mark your calendars for The Ramble!
The date is set for this year’s 4th Annual Carolina Ramble & Reunion!! Mark your calendars for Friday to Sunday, September 22-24. The event will once again take place at the beautiful Brayshaw farm, just outside of Boone, NC. Stay tuned to for information on performers, ticket sales and all things Ramble. 

Introducing The Carolina Ramble Revue

Possum Jenkins and Molly McGinn are teaming up this summer to bring you the Carolina Ramble Revue. Show are slated for Boone, Kernersville and Valle Crucis.

We’ve been working hard these last few years to put on the Ramble, and figured the best way to spread the word is just to go show folks what it’s all about. 

To that end, your favorite bunch of Possums have some special shows on the horizon called The Carolina Ramble Revue; a collaborative, strength-in-numbers approach that features the members of PJ and the fabulous Molly McGinn, as well as some very special guests at each show. 

The Revue will showcase songs from Possum and Wurlitzer Prize cannons, and also from each member’s various solo catalogs. We’re basically trying to bring a little of that laid back, collaborative Ramble spirit down off the mountain and have some fun jamming together! 

These special shows will also feature a little fun and games on the side, as we invite kids to join the cupcake walk. We’ll also be selling DISCOUNT EARLY BIRD TICKETS at these events. Save  $$ and get your Ramble tickets in advance!

Carolina Ramble Revue Shows:
Friday, June 9 @ The Jones House (Boone, NC)
5:00 to 7:00 p.m., FREE!
Friday, June 9 @ Boone Saloon (Boone, NC)
10:00 p.m., 21 & up only; $5
Saturday, June 10 @ The Brewer’s Kettle (Kernersville, NC)
3:00 to 6:00 p.m., FREE!
Friday, August 25 @ Valle Crucis Park (Valle Crucis, NC)
6:30 to 9:00 p.m., FREE!

That’s all for now folks. Thanks so much for your continued support of Possum Jenkins in all our various forms. 

Dave “Woodright Shop” Willis
Brent “Box Trucker” Buckner
Jared “Steel Heart Breaker” Church
Nathan “Master Of The Mallets” Turner
Dave “Not a sound guy. Really.” Brewer

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Greetings from Possum Headquarters!!
While the temps outside are plunging into the “Close The Damn DOOR!” levels, things are heating up ever so slightly in Possum-land. We’ve got some shows on the horizon, including dates with the new Carolina Ramble Revue, as well as PJ shows in Winston and Boone. Get your clicky pen out and jot these dates down!!!

Also, read about our little Possum family emergency and how Panthers Tight End Greg Olsen is helping.

Upcoming Possum Shows
Friday, April 14 @ The Garage (Winston-Salem, NC)
Saturday, May 6 @ Village Vision Festival (Boone, NC)

The Carolina Ramble REVUE
There’s nothing better than making music with your friends. It’s as simple as that. Because that’s what the Carolina Ramble & Reunion is all about, we thought perhaps we could take a little of that collaborative festival spirit off the farm and farther on down the road.

Well…not that far down the road, really.

This summer, Possum, Wurlitzer Prize (with Molly McGinn, of course) and some friends will bring the Carolina Ramble Revue to few familiar spots in the High Country.

Friday, June 9 @ The Jones House (Boone, NC)
(We’re also playing again that night at Boone Saloon)
Friday, August 25 @ Valle Crucis Park (Valle Crucis, NC)

Ramble 2017
The date is set for the 4th annual Carolina Ramble & Reunion. The event will take place once again at the beautiful Brayshaw farm near Boone, NC, on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

Quite naturally, Possum Jenkins will perform multiple sets, along with several acts to be named. Stay tuned for ticket on-sale dates, including **EARLY BIRD SPECIALS**.

Possum Family Salutes Panthers Tight End Greg Olsen
The members of Possum Jenkins are a family in every sense of the word. In recent years, the family has been blessed to welcome several children into the fold, including two last year: On March 18, Dave Willis and his wife Allison welcomed daughter Josie; On May 3, Jared Church and wife Katherine welcomed their son, Wyatt. Prior to Wyatt’s birth, however, the Possum family had a serious scare.
During the pregnancy, it was discovered that Wyatt was suffering from HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome)–in other words, he would be born with half of a functioning heart.
Shortly following his birth, Wyatt underwent two open heart surgeries, and has required considerable care above and beyond that of a healthy child. We are incredibly happy to report that Wyatt is doing very well!
While dozens of friends and family have rallied around Katherine, Jared, Wyatt and their daughter Carson, the Church Family received crucial assistance from someone very familiar to NFL football fans–none other than Carolina Panthers’ Pro Bowl-bound tight end Greg Olsen!
Olsen is the founder of The Heartest Yard, a charity which specializes in assisting families who have a child with HLHS. Olsen and his wife Kara welcomed twins in 2012, one of whom also suffers from the disease, prompting them to assist others fighting HLHS.

On January 12, it was announced that Olsen WON the second annual Nationwide Walter Payton Man of the Year Charity Challenge. Nationwide will donate $25,000 to Olsen’s foundation, Receptions for Research. Thanks to tweets of support from athletes and celebrities, Olsen received in the last weekend of the contest more than 860,000 uses of his unique hashtag, #OlsenWPMOYChallenge, to rally for the win. In all, Olsen’s hashtag was used nearly 1.2 million times on social media.

**It should also be noted that our posts on our Facebook were liked and shared hundreds of times. A YUGE THANK YOU to everyone who took time to share the Olsen hashtag!**

The winner of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award will be announced during NFL Honors, a two-hour primetime special airing nationally on Saturday, February 4, the night before Super Bowl LI, from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Thanks everybody. Hope to see y’all soon!!

Jared “Big heart, bigger hands” Church

Brent “Beach Bum” Buckner

Davo “Daddy Duty” Willis

Nate “Suburban Commando” Turner

Dave “Marriage is about compromise…and controlling the remote” Brewer

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On Saturday, October 1st, Possum Jenkins & dB productions will host the 3rd annual Carolina Ramble & Reunion!! The intimate fall family music festival will again take place at Brayshaw Farm near Boone, NC.

In addition to Possum Jenkins, performers at the 2016 Ramble include: The Greg Humphreys Electric Trio, Hilltop Riot, Alexa Rose, The Menders, Spice Creek Ramblers, Wurlitzer Prize, Earleine, The Worthless Son-In-Laws, Quilla + Molly McGinn and more!

If the stellar lineup isn’t enough to get you headed up the mountain, it’s good to know that the Ramble will feature camping, a bonfire, food, games and activities for kids and adults!

WANNA VOLUNTEER?? Like any good music festival, the Ramble runs on volunteer labor, and we could certainly use your help! If you’re interested in a lending us a hand, please email us at and we’ll find a spot for you!! Volunteers receive either free or discounted admission, as well as an invitation to Friday night’s Ramble Primer. Give us a shout and find out how YOU can get involved!!

In recent years, family and professional obligations have cut deeply into our performance schedule. And while we understand that Bethel, NC isn’t exactly close to anything other than the Tennessee line, we’re hopeful that Possum lovers (and just music lovers in general) will make the trek to Watauga County for what has, during it’s short existence, become a very special event for both musicians and Ramblers.


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Hey folks,

Just wanted to say howdy to everybody out there in Radioland! Last month marked 12 years together as a band, and while we didn’t get to celebrate with a show, we’re still extremely proud that Possum Jenkins continues to play out, write and record as frequently as time allows.

This Saturday, March 12, from 10:00 a.m. to noon, PJ will be featured on Folks Like Us; a show from NYC-based net radio station Little Water Radio that is “dedicated to folk, bluegrass, Americana, and alt-country music that’ll make your mouth water for fried green tomatoes, apple pie, and ice cold lemonade.” Tune in and check out dj Rachel Utz as she spins a ton of Possum tunes from our various releases.

The Carolina Ramble & Reunion is back on the books for Saturday, October 1. The event continues to grow and evolve with each passing year, and we’re in the early stages of planning what will surely be the BEST RAMBLE YET! Stay tuned for early bird ticket info that we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.

A few months ago, Possum’s sister band Wurlitzer Prize (featuring the amazing Molly McGinn) was awarded a grant from the Arts Council of Winston-Salem, and are in the process of cutting some new tracks with the one and only Doug “Get It Wet” Williams at Electro Magnetic Radiation Recorders. The as yet untitled release will hopefully be out later this year.

With two Possum band members and their wives expecting, the Possum family continues to grow. Not surprisingly, that will pretty well grind things to a halt for us in terms of live shows at least until the fall. There’s talk of releasing some of our acoustic recordings from some recent house shows, but nothing is firm at present. Stay tuned!!


PS. In case you missed Jordan Green’s recent Possum feature in Triad City Beat, cut and paste the link to check it out:

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Hey folks,

It’s almost that magical time of year again when the act of eating surpasses the function of sustaining life and instead, becomes a matter of sport!! Of course, you folks in and around Winst0n-Salem know all too well that you CANNOT have Thanksgiving without some hot, greasy Possum, and this year is no exception!!

On Friday, November 28, Possum Jenkins will unleash a full night of Carolinacana at The Garage–our home away from home. Giving us a little kick in the musical pants will be our friend, Donna The Buffalo keyboardist and Triad native David McCracken!!

Click HERE to see/join/share the Facebook event.

Doors will open at 8:00 p.m., and the show will start at 9:00 p.m. You must be at least 21 years of age, or be with a guardian (angel) to enter. Y’all come!!


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Hey folks,

This Saturday, September 26, Possum Jenkins will host the 2nd annual Carolina Ramble & Reunion. Our little family music festival will again take place at Brayshaw Farm, nestled in the beautiful hills just outside Boone in Bethel, NC. In addition to Los Possums, the event will feature two stages worth of musical performances courtesy of Hilltop Riot, Soul Benefactor, The Spice Creek Ramblers, Through The Hills, Honest Mistakes, The Menders and The Worthless Son-In-Laws.

To keep your bellies full, our friends from The Screaming Radish (Winston-Salem) and F.A.R.M. Cafe (Boone) will be on hand to dish out plenty of hot, fresh victuals throughout the event.

In addition to all the musical goodness, we’ll have a slew of games and activities for ramblers young and old, as well as FREE CAMPING (both quiet/family camping and not-so-quiet camping) for everybody.

The Ramble is BYOB, with a 12-pack limit or 1.5 liter bottle of wine per person. Coolers and IDs will be check at the gate and wristbands will be issued. If you plan on consuming alcohol at the event, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the aforementioned camping.

We hope very much that you’ll consider making the drive up for this very special event!! Check us out on the Ramble Facebook page or the event page.

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That’s right folks,
It seems hard to believe, but Possum Jenkins’ 2nd Annual Carolina Ramble & Reunion is less than two months away!!! Slated for Saturday, September 26, 2015, the Ramble will return to beautiful Brayshaw Farm, located just outside of Boone, in Bethel, NC,. Reservations (which are very limited!!) are $35 for adults and FREEEEE for kids 12 and under (with a paying adult, of course). Purchase Ramble reservations by clicking HERE!!

Lots Of Music!
The Ramble will be running two stages this year!! Confirmed performers this year include yours truly, The Worthless Son-In-Laws, Wurlitzer Prize feat. Molly McGinn, The Menders, Hilltop Riot and The Spice Creek Ramblers!!

Great Food!
We heard you loud and clear Ramblers, and we’re upping our food game this year. Winston-Salem’s renowned Screaming Radish food truck will be on hand throughout the day, as well as Boone’s beloved F.A.R.M. Cafe. Rest assured that your bellies will be full throughout!

Games & Activities!!
In addition to the music, we’ll have a slew of games and activities for children and adults, including cider making, yard games, hayrides, face painting, frisbee golf, a bonfire to enjoy after dark, and much more.

Free Camping!
As with last year’s event, camping is included in the reservation price. WE WILL HAVE QUIET/FAMILY CAMPING in additional to the…umm…less-than-quiet camping by the aforementioned bonfire.

We’re thrilled to be putting on this shin dig again. We hope you’ll join us for a gorgeous fall day in the heart of the Blue Ridge!!


The website
The Facebook page
The Facebook event page
The Twitter

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Good afternoon Possum fans,
Just wanted to drop in here and confirm that we will indeed be appearing tonight at the Old Winston Social Club in our fair city, Winston-Salem. The show starts at 9:00 p.m., and we’ll be playing two long sets of songs from throughout the Possum canon. As is typical with the Social Club, there is no cover charge. You must, however, be at least 21 years of age to enter the bar.
And, because we fancy ourselves as being at least slightly spontaneous, we’ve decided to add a short acoustic set at 7:30 p.m. We’re just going to pick a few tunes out by the street. Head out early and join us!
While we’ve got your attention, we should mention that reservations for the 2nd annual Carolina Ramble & Reunion (Saturday, September 26) will go on sale on Monday, June 1 via the Ramble website. If you would like to be added to the Ramble mailing list, drop us a line at carolinaramble(at)gmail(dot)com.
That’s all we’ve got for you right now. Stay tuned for the latest, greatest on all things Possum and thanks for your continued support!

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We don’t know if there’s five of you or 500 of you that check in here at, but we’d like to apologize for failing to update the site since last fall. Ever switch computers and then get locked out of stuff that you haven’t actually known the login info for in years? Anyway, we’re back online here at Possum Central and will do our best to keep things updated.

After successfully hosting the inaugural Carolina Ramble & Reunion last fall, Possum has been popping up in many of our usual haunts. We recently had the distinct pleasure of opening up for our friends the Wrinkle Neck Mules at Southland Ballroom, and also participated in the St. Wish Benefit at Ziggy’s alongside many of W-S’s finest musicians. We also road tripped to Johnson City for a show at the Willow Tree–a fantastic new venue run by our friend Teri Dosher.

In the next few months, we’re back in both Boone (5/2 @ Boone Saloon) and Winston-Salem (5/9 @ Old Winston Social Club). And while the fall seems like a long ways off, we’re already making plans for the 2nd annual Ramble, taking place on Saturday, September 26, so mark your calendars!!

As always, thanks for your continued support as we celebrate our 11th year together. We’ll see y’all soon.


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Dear friends, fans and family,

On a snowy night in February 2004, four guys stepped onto the modest corner stage at Murphy’s Irish Pub in Boone, North Carolina to play their first ever show together in what appeared to likely be a short-lived collaboration. One harmonica player, two vans, four albums, five states, ten years and more than 300 shows later, Possum Jenkins is still making music together every chance we get.

Sometimes, it’s even good.

Many of y’all who came out to our earliest shows have continued to support our musical endeavors at every turn, buying our records and attending our shows in smoky dive bars and at outdoor festivals, or perhaps in a funky old movie theater or somebody’s living room. Others of you have climbed aboard the Possum train more recently, but are a fiercely loyal and supportive bunch. To show our appreciation to ALL of y’all—the most dedicated believers in the Possum gospel—we’ve decided to throw a little party. You are cordially invited to attend.

On Saturday, October 4, 2014, Possum Jenkins will host the inaugural Carolina Ramble & Reunion just outside Boone in Bethel, NC. The family-friendly event will feature free camping (tent/car camping only), yard games, kids activities, food, a bon fire and lots of LIVE MUSIC by Possum Jenkins, The Worthless Son-In-Laws, Wurlitzer Prize, Soul Benefactor, Molly McGinn and more!!

We hope that this will be the first of many such events and we truly hope that y’all will consider joining our families for this special show.

Reservations are limited to 200 adults and are $35 per person. Children 12 and under admitted free with a paid adult. The event is BYOB.

To make your reservations, CLICK HERE or please make checks payable to Carolina Ramble, LLC, and mail them to: Carolina Ramble, 686 Church Road, Boone, NC 28607


In order to pull this soiree off, we’re going to need a few helping hands to handle a variety of tasks including helping with children’s activities, parking cars, hauling gear and more. Volunteers will receive discounted tickets to the Ramble, along with a few hospitality perks.

For all things Ramble-related, including directions to the site, band bios, please click to our website or email us at  You can also find us on Facebook.


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