Introducing The Carolina Ramble Revue 

Hello Possum folk,
Everything is blooming in North Cackalacky and summer is here!! We hope you’re taking your allergy meds, blowing your nose and having a fabulous June wherever you are (sniffle, sniffle…).

Mark your calendars for The Ramble!
The date is set for this year’s 4th Annual Carolina Ramble & Reunion!! Mark your calendars for Friday to Sunday, September 22-24. The event will once again take place at the beautiful Brayshaw farm, just outside of Boone, NC. Stay tuned to for information on performers, ticket sales and all things Ramble. 

Introducing The Carolina Ramble Revue

Possum Jenkins and Molly McGinn are teaming up this summer to bring you the Carolina Ramble Revue. Show are slated for Boone, Kernersville and Valle Crucis.

We’ve been working hard these last few years to put on the Ramble, and figured the best way to spread the word is just to go show folks what it’s all about. 

To that end, your favorite bunch of Possums have some special shows on the horizon called The Carolina Ramble Revue; a collaborative, strength-in-numbers approach that features the members of PJ and the fabulous Molly McGinn, as well as some very special guests at each show. 

The Revue will showcase songs from Possum and Wurlitzer Prize cannons, and also from each member’s various solo catalogs. We’re basically trying to bring a little of that laid back, collaborative Ramble spirit down off the mountain and have some fun jamming together! 

These special shows will also feature a little fun and games on the side, as we invite kids to join the cupcake walk. We’ll also be selling DISCOUNT EARLY BIRD TICKETS at these events. Save  $$ and get your Ramble tickets in advance!

Carolina Ramble Revue Shows:
Friday, June 9 @ The Jones House (Boone, NC)
5:00 to 7:00 p.m., FREE!
Friday, June 9 @ Boone Saloon (Boone, NC)
10:00 p.m., 21 & up only; $5
Saturday, June 10 @ The Brewer’s Kettle (Kernersville, NC)
3:00 to 6:00 p.m., FREE!
Friday, August 25 @ Valle Crucis Park (Valle Crucis, NC)
6:30 to 9:00 p.m., FREE!

That’s all for now folks. Thanks so much for your continued support of Possum Jenkins in all our various forms. 

Dave “Woodright Shop” Willis
Brent “Box Trucker” Buckner
Jared “Steel Heart Breaker” Church
Nathan “Master Of The Mallets” Turner
Dave “Not a sound guy. Really.” Brewer

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