Howdy friends,
A belated happy holidays to you all. We hope you escaped your celebrations with nothing more severe than a hangover. We here at Possum Central are still finding unexploded Black Cats all over the yard. Rest assured we’re disposing of them properly (i.e. detonating them inside various inanimate objects in the yard).

Now that we’ve celebrated our nation’s independence by consuming massive quantities of American beer (alright, alright…there might have been the odd import in there), we’re ready to pack up the van and take this show back on the road. Between now and August, we’ll be playing shows all over North Carolina. We also have shows in South Carolina and Virginia, both at new venues that we’re super excited about.

Here’s a quick rundown of July’s happenings:

7/8 Greenville, NC @ The Tipsy Teapot w/ Holy Ghost Tent Revival
7/9 Kill Devil Hills, NC @ Goombay’s
7/10 Raleigh, NC @ Sadlack’s Heroes
7/15 Martinsville, VA @ The Rives Theater
7/16 Winston-Salem, NC @ The Old Winston Social Club
7/29 Sumter, SC @ The Chuckwagon
7/30 Charlotte, NC @ Puckett’s Farm Equipment w/ Cold Bait Live Beer

FYI, Red Dirt Promotions of Charlotte is giving away two free tickets to our show at Puckett’s Farm Equipment. Click to to learn more about this special offer. RDP also has a Facebook page.

August ins’t looking too shabby either:

8/12 Winston-Salem, NC @ Triad Taps Beer Fest
8/12 Winston-Salem, NC @ Summer On Trade
8/20 Private Event
8/26 Private Event
8/27 TBA (Kind of a big deal)

And if that weren’t enough excitement for one newsletter, we’d like to announce….drum roll please….


Yes, that’s right. You heard it here first (unless you already heard about it somewhere else). Possum Jenkins will release their fourth studio album with a pair of shows:

9/30 Boone, NC @ Boone Saloon
10/1 Winston-Salem, NC @ The Garage

So yeah. We’re rolling up our sleeves, changing our strings, putting on clean underwear, gassing up the van and hitting the road to further spread the Possum gospel. We hope you’ll join us and we hope you’ll bring friends.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to get back to working on that record.

Jared “Daddy Sang Bass” Church
Nate “Mama Sang Tenor” Turner
Brent “Me And Little Brother Would Join Right In There” Buckner
Davo “Singing Seemed To Help A Troubled Soul” Willis
Dave “In The Sky Lord, In The Sky” Brewer

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